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Guest Post: Proper Ways to Distribute your Content in Social Media without Being Spammy

Social media has become the new hub of human interaction and mobile content delivery. There’s no better way to get in touch with what’s new and what’s hot at all times. As a result, a lot of people are taking

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How to Properly Respond to HARO Queries to Get Mentioned in the Press

Ever heard of HARO? (If you have, and if you know how it works, feel free to skip to “Pitch then get mentioned” section below. Short for “Help A Reporter Out”, HARO is a PR service that connects journalists with

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This is the Best Business Training That Money CAN’T Buy

If you’re trying to start, grow, or save your online business but don’t have the expertise or support to do so then listen up. Online marketing expert and all-around great guy Danny Iny and his team at Firepole Marketing has

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On Love Songs and Business

I know, I know, what in the world would love songs have to do with business? Up until recently, I would’ve said “not much.” But something shifted in my mind that made me realize that the feelings I have towards

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2 Nifty Tools to Help You Conduct Interviews

When it comes to social media and online marketing, I’d like to think that I got it all down. I’m familiar with the major (even the not-so-major) social networks and I’ve done marketing on most of them so I consider

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So this is what I get for being *nice*…

Here’s a quick story about how being nice can really pay off. I began my journey by writing about social media and tech on the Examiner. I didn’t really get paid much doing this, but I figured I had to start somewhere.

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For the Win: The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt by @DannyIny

I know that the phrase “We’re all winners here” is a bit trite, but the truth be told, that’s exactly how I feel about Firepole Marketing’s Great Online Scavenger Hunt. For the uninitiated, the Great Online Scavenger Hunt is a

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Investing In Yourself: Why Surfing the Web is Necessary

This is a guest post by Lorraine Reguly. Surfing the web is often viewed as a waste of time.  While I agree that it may be time-consuming, I think that surfing the web is a necessity, especially for writers and bloggers,

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8 Link Building Lessons I Picked Up From Being a Social Butterfly

This post was originally published on When working on link building for your website, don’t just look at it from a technical perspective. While the technical details of link building matter a LOT, another refreshing way too look at

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4 Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Readership and Keep Those Visitors Coming

This post was originally published on If there’s one thing that new bloggers struggle with when starting a blog, it’s gaining more readers. With millions of blogs on the web, how in the world can you get people to notice your

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