6 Tools and Resources to Help You Create Sharable, Likable, and Pinnable Images

Six tools and resources to help you create sharable, likable, and pinnable images. (Even if you’re not a graphic designer!)

Here’s the thing: I’m a writer. I do a number of things, including weaving words into blog posts, press releases, about pages and whatnot. I also do a lot of outreach—I converse with marketers, prospects, and fellow writers to make content on the web better and easier to understand.

What I DON’T do is create images.  I can’t, for the life of me, whip up fancy infographics or create great looking images from scratch. Fortunately though, I don’t have to. Thanks to a few online tools and resources, finding great pictures for my blog posts, or creating images and sharable graphics is easy, painless, and best of all, free (for the most part).

Below is a list of my go-to websites/tools for finding and creating awesome images. If you’re a not-so-savvy graphic designer like me, the following sites are definitely worth a look:

Flickr Creative Commons– My favorite website when it comes to finding images to accompany my posts. The Creative Commons section of Flickr is filled with high-quality of images, that you can copy or use (depending on the type of license) in your blog posts and articles. Just be sure to provide proper attribution when you post.

PicMonkey– Those sharable and Pinnable images with text on top of them are surprisingly easy to make thanks to PicMonkey. This light, easy to use online image editor lets you create images and collages with just a few clicks.

Someecards – Got a witty remark or hilarious caption on your mind? Combine it with the free ecards on this site, and get your friends, fans, and followers giggling and sharing in no time.

QuickMeme As its name clearly indicates, this site lets you create memes by simply captioning popular images. Like Someecards, QuickMeme works best if you already have a witty caption in mind.

Piktochart – If you’ve ever wanted create an infographic but don’t have the budget or design chops to do so, then Piktochart could be just the tool that you’re looking for. This site provides several templates that allow you to produce those big stunning infographics that you see everywhere. (Just be sure to do proper research first!)

Share As Image – Hands down my favorite Pinterest tool. Like what I mentioned in an earlier blog post, Share As Image (previously “Pin a Quote) is bookmarklet that lets you show off your favorite parts of an article or blog post on Pinterest. Just highlight the words or paragraphs that you want to pin and click the “Share As Image” button. The bookmarklet then generates an image for the highlighted text, which you can pin and share on Pinterest and other social sites.

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  • http://social-drivers.com Mindy Koch

    Great resources! I hadn’t heard of Piktochart or PicMonkey!

    • http://twitter.com/francescastaana Francesca StaAna

      I’m glad you think so, Mindy. Hope you find Piktochart and PicMonkey useful!

  • http://cirquedumot.com/new-readers/ Susan Silver

    I love Picmonkey. Super easy to edit images like a pro. I also use Pixlr to do editing that requires layers.

    • http://twitter.com/francescastaana Francesca StaAna

      Thanks for bringing up Pixlr, Susan. I’ll definitely look into it!

  • http://www.bizchickblogs.com/ Tia Peterson

    Hey Francesca – Thanks for this list! The only one I use from it is Flickr so I’m really looking forward to finding some new image sites. Great info. This site looks really good, too.

  • irina

    thanks for the article. i make my own images for my social media accounts with http://www.pixteller.com
    it’s an online photo editor great for creating text images and posters for my business and blog and also for my personal use like greeting cards for my friends, quotes or funny pictures. it has a lot of features and also a lot of themes to reuse. i hope you can find it useful too.

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