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Cloud-based backup service company Backupify recently published a blog post about the monetary value of social data. The post aimed to answer questions such as “What is the value of a tweet?” or “How much does Yelp value a review?”

To come up with answers, Backupify did the math and came up with an infographic detailing the average per-user value of each social network, as well as the worth of each piece of social content (i.e. every like, tweet, or check-in).

Backupify divided the estimated valuation of the social site by the number of its users, to get the value of each member.  For Facebook, each user is said to be worth $118.34, while each Twitter user is worth $71.43. Other social media “old schoolers” such as LinkedIn and Foursquare value each user at $104.46 and $40.00, respectively.

Wondering how the newer social networks stack up? According to Backupify, each Pinterest user is worth about $29.09, while each Instagram user is valued at $18.52. Meanwhile, each user of the much more “private” social network Path is valued at $12.50.

To come up with the value of each piece of content, Backupify divided the social site’s annual revenue with the number of content. Using this formula, it would appear that each tweet is valued at $0.001, each Facebook share is valued at $0.024, while Yelp reviews are worth about $9.13 a pop.

This is just one way of looking at things 

Of course, the “worth” of something can be relative, and there may be more than one formula to calculate the value of users and content. Not to mention the fact that sometimes, determining the value of something can’t always be done by hard math alone.

Additionally, the constant developments in tech and social media make it impossible to set any value or number in stone. For instance, when this infographic was first published, Instagram was said to be valued at $500 million, and each member was estimated to be worth $18.52 users. However, with Facebook acquiring the company for double that estimated value, those numbers are bound to change.

In any case, do you agree with the data above? Do you think that each and every single tweet is just worth $0.001 and that one Yelp review has a higher value than a Foursquare checkin or a Facebook share? Comment below or tweet your opinions at @backupify and @francescastaana.

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